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Wearing grey implies that you don’t need to rely on your outfit to make an impact which means that all the focus will be on you and your personality.White The colour traditionally known for its innocence and purity, wearing white is a great base to build your personality upon.Yellow Despite its sunny disposition and cheerful nature, wearing yellow can be overpowering.

Black Wearing black is celebrated the world over, its slimming effect feeling chic and sophisticated.About one millisecond after your break-up, be sure to brace yourself for a flood of dating advice .Whether it’s a daily email from the online dating guru you signed up for during that first 24 hour sob-fest, the barista who knows when you ditch your decaf chai for a double espresso it means you’re single again, or your well-meaning besties…. This advice is informed by the provider’s own life experience, values and emotions – none of which precisely mirror your own.Various / Michelle Obama / Rihanna / Beyoncé / Diana Ross / Jen / Lupita Nyong'o / Reporter / Aquaticana / Azealia Banks / Baroness Antarctica / Broderick & Ganz Client / Bubble Presenter / Cecelia Prince / Cherry Grove Lesbian / Chess Game Viewer / Chocolate Gift Recipient / Christie Jacobs / Christine's Coworker / Claire's Friend / Clifton / Cuscus / Dorothy / Eartha Kitt / Elizabeth Duchand / Erika Le' Saw / Girl in CVS Ad / Hollywood Beauty / Jacklyn Jackson / Janelle / Janine Katz / Jennifer Owens / Jingle Barack Woman / Keeley / Lenny Kravitz / Lucas Sinclair / Megan / Michelle / Moira / N'kaysha Gniles / Nicki Minaj / Nicole, Michael Che's Ex-Girlfriend / Noelle / Olivia Pope / Omarosa / Pinta / Ruby River (The River Sisters) / Sara Hors / Sasheer Zamata / Seasonique / Shanda / Shantasia / Solange / Student / Taraji P.We all know that your first date outfit can make an instant impression – but have you considered that it’s not just what you’re wearing that’s giving out all-important signals, but that it’s the colour of your clothes too?

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