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Judging by the angry comments on the more negative reviews (not just on mine), a lot of people aren’t bothered by the lack of depth in the characters or the shoddy storytelling. It has more in common, structure-wise, with (though still fails to reach such great heights) than it does with the meaningless pulp it usually squeezes out.In a single 45 minute episode we got to know Rick, Michonne, and Carl more than we have in all three seasons.

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But that’s exactly what Rick does with the hitchhiker.It’s also worth noting this is the first time Carl would’ve killed a living person—good practice for when the Governor rolls up again.Second thought: if Carl ends up killing the Governor to save someone’s life, I’m going to be royally pissed at such an obvious plot contrivance.) Rick gets to see first hand what could’ve happened had he stayed out in that creekbed looking for his dead wife.It’s like returning to your childhood home you left as a kid and finding the new owners have added a new floor, repainted, and torn down your treehouse. Rick and Carl go back to their hometown, but they never really go home. Literally, their house was burned down; metaphorically, that way of life, way of living is gone and can never be recovered.This ep tells a very simple surface story but drops enough visual details to allow the viewers to fill in the blanks on their own.

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