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This hill place that is encircled by Holy River Godavari flowing towards southern direction is the famous shrine Bhadrachalam - The name derived from Bhadragiri (Mountain of Bhadra - a boon child of Meru and Menaka).The history of this shrine stands for the significance of Ramayana Era, the coherent hill place existed in " Dandakaranya " Of Ramayana period where Rama with his consort Sita and brother Laxmana had spent their vanavasa - and vicinity of the temple had its incongruous add mixture of another story which depicts the exigency of " Sri Mahavishnu " to manifest himself as Rama and shuffled again to the mortal coil - long after Ramavatara was to fulfill his promise to his Bhakta Bhadra (a mountain king), a sage who had been continuing the frightened penance to get grace of Lord Rama.==Exigency of incarnation ==The history depicts that the need emerged the incarnation of Vykunta Rama was that to fulfill a long desire of his ardent devotee Bhadra.Gopanna then became Bhadrachala Ramadasa, and went on to compose innumerable number of songs in Telugu in praise of Rama.Bhadrachalam and Vijayanagara are sites said to have been closely associated with the Ramayana.Ever since I found my God and Master in Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, I have never felt the need or desire to go on any kind of pilgrimage or visit any temple.It is not that I haven’t been to any temple or houses of worship.That apart, I also had several reservations against the Tirupati shrine based on what I had heard from people.

As our great epic Mahabharata shows, money and power are not the root causes for evil; the greed for money and power are.I was grateful to Swami for the beautiful experience. The temple in Bhadrachalam is closely connected with the life of the saint composer Bhakta Ramdas who was known as Gopanna.It is one of the 5 most important temples of Tirupati.It was a stroke of great good luck that we did not face any crowds.

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