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And her true self is a lot more tainted than she ever imagined. But she will soon learn, her life didn't belong in this world. The innocent Lucy Heartfilia has lived a life full of loneliness and rejection but remains optimistic and cheerful. Within the darkest shadows in this world exists species far more superior to mankind, ones that live in a world a lot darker than humans. Natsu takes it upon himself to help her, protect her, and accidentally fall in love with her? Her path only gets more interesting with a touchy-dragon, a stubborn fairy and a mischievous witch.3 Months after the phone call, Sherlock and Molly are inseparable best friends. Lucy hará todo lo posible por seducirlo, por otro lado Natsu intentará conquistar su corazón.. Too bad the last thing she wanted was to marry anyone.

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In a world where Eurus had a best friend growing up, she doesn't go to Sherrinford, nor does she turn out as unhinged as she did in canon. The size of her lips did nothing to detract from how amazing she was at sucking cock.

La nube gris que me cubre me impide hacer lo que amo. Creo en la pureza, pues la veo en los ojos de mi sobrino. She won't let anything stand in her way, especially not the annoying team captain of the opponent's team. It's just rearranging its pieces and trying to make it work." She searches Natsu's face for any trace of anxiety, melancholy, or rage. She only finds his lips, as if pleading for her to stop digging and be satisfied with what he's giving her. We'll be okay."*Previously titled 'Love and Harmony.' Sherlock and Molly met nearly ten years ago, and instantly bonded over their mutual love and talent for music. Maka no tiene donde vivir y Soul le ofrece su casa.

Hace tiempo deje de escribir, por que perdí la razón. Creo que existen cosas buenas en este mundo y aun podemos conservarlas. Lucy is determined to reclaim the title as Fiore's best team, but first she has to beat last year's winners, 'The Dragons'.

Here is how I envision an origin story for Hooper and Holmes as an alternative to the TAB. A mating mark is created when a dragon slayer drinks the blood of their partner during sexual release.

Inspired by the Abominable Bride special and based on some of its imagery and moments but instead a fully-immersive, historically accurate, Victorian England AU with loads more Molly.

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