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Once I realized I was guilty of living my life on the foundation of what others said was correct instead of deciding for myself, I was able to cross that line in the sand and see what would happen if I gave swinging an opportunity.

What I found out was, at least for John and I, the swinging lifestyle was a perfect fit.

When you decide to swing, you don’t necessarily have this tidy list of pros and cons that occur in succession.

It’s more of a swirling plethora of emotions as you and your partner explore a new terrain of possibilities within the relationship.

Swinging can do wonders for your relationship, so let’s start with the good news first — the pros! This is my favorite pro because it brings the topic of sex off the shelf and pushes it to the front of the line.

I can’t think of anything more loving than to be open and honest with your partner about what you desire sexually.

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What John and I have found in our swinging experiences is each new partner provides us with a slightly different prism in which to see sex…

I know before I became a swinger this was a question I had.

I also realized how easy it can be to form opinions about certain lifestyle choices based on what we are told, not what we actually go out and try for ourselves.

a kaleidoscope of movements and emotions and positions in which we gain a deeper insight into each other and what we enjoy sexually.

Bringing fears to the surface may not seem like a pro, but believe me when I say that getting them out in the open is so much better than keeping fears hidden.

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    “It’s not until they leave college that some people go back to the idea of using dates as a way to check out potential partners, rather than a way to get into a committed relationship,” said Hull. The Minneapolis artist and musician said that with less pressure to get married and have kids early, “your 20s are a time where you don’t really know what you want.” But when you’ve reached your late 20s, dating — in the old-fashioned sense — may be the best way to find a compatible partner.

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