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After Inuyasha was able to destroy Naraku's barrier he retreated to the sacred mountain, Mount Hakurei, but not before resurrecting the Band of Seven and recruited the mummified priest Hakushin to add additional reinforcement.

With Hakushin, Naraku created the sacred barrier to mask himself within the mountain, and expel his human heart out of him to become invincible.

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Watch Lucas’ Teaser Clip | Visit Randy Continue reading Titans of cock rock Led Zeppelin have had their share of cover bands, including the delightfully awful Dred Zeppelin and burrito-shaped lead singer Tortelvis.She was created from Naraku after he had gathered enough Jewel Shards to make him strong enough to make incarnations.Kanna was seen walking with her mirror and some Saimyōshō towards a village, where she stole the souls of the inhabitants and turned them against Inuyasha and his friends.Kanna (神無, かんな, "God of Nothingness") was the first incarnation of Naraku created only to destroy Tessaiga.As a "concealed incarnation" of Naraku, Kanna had no scent and no demonic aura, making her undetectable to Inuyasha's senses and was also immune to demonic aura-related effects such as the Hakurei-zan barrier.

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