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(Ord 1742 11/15/2012) (F) Notice Of Dog License: After January 1 and at least twenty (20) days before March 1, the City Clerk shall publish a notice in a newspaper in the City that all dogs in the City must be licensed and that renewal license fees are due by March 1 and that renewal fees will double after that date.Tags and Receipts Upon receipt of the registration fee at the City office, the Police Department will furnish a metallic numbered tag to the owner, and make a record of the tag number, the owner's name, the animal's breed, sex, age, color, weight and rabies vaccination certificate number.With 16 years of experience in the field, I have learned that we all sometimes have some difficulties in our marriages, our families, and our individual lives.I have also learned that change is possible, and that with a little help, we can overcome most difficulties and have a great life." How can I tell if a therapist is right for me?Rabies collar tags, prior year's license, or receipts are not acceptable forms of proof.We welcome volunteers at our Center and are fortunate to have them to share their time and talents with the residents.(B) Proof Of Vaccination Required: No license shall be issued unless the applicant therefor produces satisfactory proof that the dog has been vaccinated with a rabies vaccine currently effective.Such proof may be made by presenting the vaccination receipt referred to in this chapter.

If not paid by March 1st it shall be subject to a license fee at twice the established rate) Ord.

The owner shall keep the numbered tag securely fastened to a collar or harness worn by the animal when off the premises of the owner.

In case the tag is lost or destroyed, a duplicate will be issued upon receipt of the replacement fee set by resoluction by the City Commission.


* Only the document from a veterinarian showing the rabies tag number, vaccine lot number and expiration date of the vaccine is acceptable.

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