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Petersburg chapter of the NAACP and pastor of Bethel Community Baptist Church.

You might think I’m crazy and that this isn’t true, But with the way the world is, what have you to lose?The spirit author explains the causes of mental disturbances, presenting their respective treatments. An informed look at the myths and fears surrounding nuclear energy, and a practical, politically realistic solution to global warming and our energy needs.Faced by the world's oil shortages and curious about alternative energy sources, Gwyneth Cravens skeptically sets ...In the video, one of the officers trying to hold Sterling down yells that he’s going for his gun, and the other officer shoots Sterling multiple times from just three feet away. If I get stopped for a ticket it doesn’t end in a brawl.Several onlookers recorded the shooting, which sparked protests in Baton Rouge and other American cities. I don’t know what it’s like to go out for snacks And end up lying dead on my back My car’s never been watched or followed around My kids don’t play in parks and then get gunned down Hartman’s video got her a profile on CNN, a book deal, and a large following online.

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