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Q also has proprietary charts and visualizations which do not correspond to Power Point charts (such as word clouds and ranking plots).Like SPSS these export to Power Point as static images, but can be updated from Q.Each of these elements vary in their ability to be automatically updated.Here we look at the three elements of Power Point that allow automatic updating.

There is a hidden spreadsheet that sits behind the chart.

You may be able to export data into an independent Excel spreadsheet, and then set up links between the external Excel and Power Point to update charts.

SPSS Statistics can export charts and tables into Power Point as static images.

In powerpoint the paste chart options provide for: 1 - paste chart with data linked to Excel (default) 2 - Embed excel file in PPT 3 - Paste picture I think we need to have two essential features: First the obvious one: 4 - Paste chart WITHOUT data link to Excel (it is a mystery why this And since we now have so many inked charts in our PPT files now, we also need a solution (as in Windows) to review, edit and break data links to Excel.

Can we really believe this is not in Office 2011 for Mac?

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