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Communist China had now jacked up the annual tuition cost of attending a provincial normal college or university to a minimum of RMB 6000 [US0].

In contrast, Mao Tse-tung and et als were able to attend the county-level middle schools and Hunan Provincial Normal College under Manchu Qing Dynasty's "New Administrative Measures" for free.

For understanding China's "economic powerhouse phenomenon", go to section "China's Migrant Workers - Modern Coolies" for the alternative theories and prediction on "boom or bust" as well as refer to Joshua Cooper Ramo's fabricated "asymmetrical strategy".

With China's navy engaged in smuggling, army in profiteering & airforce constrained the number of flight hours for pilots , China does not have any arsenal to scare its opponents other than some missiles that, in the eyes of Martin Vandeer Wylder, could at most "make a pretty short fireworks display", no matter how Rumsfeld [who invested 0,000 in a venture capital fund in Shanghai] exaggerated the numbers to create a sensational "China menace" picture.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.

Alan Greenspan, possibly the smartest American, had continued to express puzzlement over the "conundrum" of long term interest rates but did make clear that an appreciation of the Chinese currency would not shrink the U. Do note that no country in this world could compete against China and its enormous cheap labor or escape from the diminishing living standards as exemplified by the loss of the U. manufacturing jobs; for people in India and Mexico etc, the same diminishing living standards would be inevitable since no labor in India or Mexico could compete against the Chinese coolies whatsoever.

China's foreign exchange reserve, incidentally, was heavily vested in the United States treasury notes and bills.

Now having lost the Unocal bid, they still refuse to properly use it for the welfare of the common Chinese people, not knowing that they would eventually squander away US1 billion [as of June 2005] the same way as Manchu China, after the 1839-1842 Opium War, had forfeited the silver [including that from the mines of Mexico] that were accumulated over 300 years of foreign trade [60,000 tons equivalent of silver].) "[premier] Wen [Jiabao] also promised that all farm taxes will be ended by next year [2006?

] and that, by 2007, every Chinese child can receive nine years of schooling.

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