Dating hi standard pistol

I carry IWB and have very little issue concealing the Springer.Carrying the Star, I feel like I’m packing thunder-thighs and couldn’t fit through a standard size door frame. – If you’re accustomed to carrying a full-sized pistol and what extra details it entails, yes.The years I’ve owned mine it’s eaten everything from 115 grain to 158 grain.

Overall length is 8.07 inches, with a 4.33 inch barrel and a sighting line length of 6.3 inches.While it uses the number five in the model name, it is completely different from the Diana model 5 air pistol that was made after the war.I wrote about that one in a three-part report published in March of this year.Customizable * One star for the simple fact that painting the sights and switching out the grips are about as far as “customization” goes on this workhorse.Overall Rating * * * Three star rating by no means indicates that this is a bad pistol. I do however, admit the bias that comes from this being my “first” handgun.

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