Dating car salesman

‘Sometimes you go into a showroom with your husband and they just turn to your male partner and say: “How would you like to spend your money?” This is what we need to change.’Cue a chorus of ‘hear, hears’ from women in the comments section of Mail Online, recounting their own experiences of being patronised by salesmen.‘I am the earner in my marriage,’ wrote someone who identified herself only as Susiette, of Wonderland, United Kingdom.Men, on the other hand — even the keen cooks among them — are simply bewildered when he mimes the process of preparing food.The way to get them to order a kitchen is to demonstrate the mechanics of, say, a sliding cupboard or a bin whose lid lifts when you open the door under the sink. Which brings me to my first line of defence of those car salesmen and mechanics who have so infuriated my female colleagues.To judge by the response on the internet, the most powerful woman in the global motor industry struck a resounding chord with the sisterhood all over the world this week when she complained that car salesmen often talk down to her because of her sex.As the chief executive of the French giant Citroen, Linda Jackson says she regularly visits showrooms incognito, to see how rivals are selling their cars.‘You do learn a lot about how the customer is treated,’ the 58-year-old British grandmother told the Mail’s Ray Massey.‘Earn five times more than my husband, yet when we go to buy something — car, furniture, house — sales person talks to my husband and ignores me.’At the office yesterday, almost every female colleague I consulted had similar complaints — many of them frothing with fury over the way they’d been treated by car salesmen and mechanics.

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I can also see how infuriating it must be for a distinguished career woman — perhaps I should say for any woman — to be addressed in such a way.Indeed, her story is truly inspirational — how she started work as a teenager in Coventry, stapling invoices at Rover, before rising through a male-dominated industry to lead a mammoth French company selling 1.2 million vehicles worldwide last year.If I understand her correctly, she is no militant feminist, ranting against male chauvinist pigs or complaining that women get a raw deal in life.All right, they may be crass to assume that women know nothing about cars.But let me don my tin hat against the feminist brickbats and suggest that, even in 2017, men generally do tend to be more interested in all things mechanical, and keener on driving.

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