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Traced to 1931, the announcement of the ordinary Adept was followed two years later by the much improved Super Adept - when the latter was displayed at the August 1933 "Model Engineer" Exhibition on the stand of the then well-known tool dealer .

Unfortunately Adept failed to developed their lathe to keep up with the ever-increasing demands of now more affluent modeller and by the early 1960s was gone.

Although projects given to the company including the usual munitions work, more interesting tasks contracts were awarded including the manufacture of aircraft components such as landing gear parts for Avro, Bristol and Nieuport fighters, seaplane floats for Blackburn and Fairey, tail units for Avro and De Haviland and even (it was claimed) the building of a complete batch of 50 Sopwith Snipes.

In the 1920s, and by now trading under the "name, the company turned its hand to building bodies for the car, lorry, ambulance and bus markets but, as these had become an increasingly "in-house" activity for the chassis manufactures, Portass diverted their efforts into small machine tools for the hobby and light-industrial market. Portass", a company that concentrated exclusively on tiny lathes and shapers badged "Adept", while Stanley made only larger machines with his business eventually becoming, around 1953 (or earlier), "Charles Portass & Son".

- AM, Baby Grand, CAV, Clisby, David, Dignus, Edwards, Man Son, Flexispeed, Exclet, Goodell-Pratt, Grindturn (Haighton Cadet), Guilder, Perris, Cowells, Centrix Micro, Jason, Portass Baby, Little Goliath, Rollo Elf, Taig and Peatol, Unimat, Winkle (Cincinnati Mechanic Maker) and Wizard.

Below is a summary - in so far as it can be established - listing the various start and finish dates for Adept machine tools.1930 introduced1935-38 'TNC' (likely Fred Hercus) obtains Australian Super Adept rights (this is a speculative assumption)1940 Adept production ceases in England as WW2 (1939 -1945) begins1941 Adept Tool Co.

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