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The foundation's Christian grantees are the Roman Catholic Church and religious associations.

It gives mostly in the Puget Sound area of Washington, especially in Seattle. The Stephen and Mary Birch Foundation of Wilmington, Delaware is an independent foundation that gives throughout the United States. Lloyd Charitable Trust in Overland Park, Kansas "supports God's work as described in the Great Commission by spreading evangelism throughout the world." It primarily supports organizations and programs that further this mission.

It also helps them promote their charity by offering website templates, educational classes, marketing material templates, marketing/fundraising consultation, and donor/consumer seminars. The Harold Simmons Foundation of Dallas, Texas is a company-sponsored foundation. It gives to organizations that benefit the arts and cultural organizations, hospitals, early childhood development, higher and secondary education, and historic preservation.

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The foundation seeks to uplift "intellectual and spiritual life, preferably projects of a permanent nature or for capital funds." It does not fund operating expenses or recurrent programs except in cases where funding might allow a significant new program to succeed without continuing support from the foundation.

It supports nonprofit institutions, communities, and organizations that support research, medical, health, educational, sports, social services, and artistic programs in communities across the nation. The Trust provides grants that help start new ministries or new programs or expand current programs.

Christian organizations that work in any of these areas are eligible for funding. It funds organizations that are creative, accountable, stable, and effective.

Other partners are Feed the Children, the Military Ministry, Mission Year, Samaritan Purse/Operation Christmas Child, United Bible Societies, and the National Association of State and Regional Bible Societies. The National Endowment Association is a public charity in Princeton, Indiana that helps small to mid-sized charities in the United States, mostly religious ministries, endow funds.

The objective is to free ministries from the constant demands of fundraising so they can devote more time to their missions.

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