All the information I read stresses the need to clean after every use.I can understand and appreciate the need for this from a hygene point of view and for the sake of pad preservation.

When I first learned how to play the sax the horn, I don’t remember anyone telling me how to clean the thing other than running a swab through the horn and calling it a day.

Many of us – yours truly included, have allowed our mouthpieces to bounce around in the accessory compartment of our cases like shoes in a dryer.

– especially if you’ve got a hard rubber mouthpiece.

If you’re having a tough time getting the weight at the end of the swab’s string to come all the way down through the top of the horn, give gravity a hand by adding some additional mass to the skimpy weight that comes with most of these swabs.

You can bulk up that weight using heat shrink tubing fused onto the weight using a lighter.

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